Manual Decontamination Scrub Sinks

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Manual Decontamination Scrub Sinks


  • Suitable for all applications where staff need to manually clean instruments i.e. Operating theatres, Sterile Services Departments, Endoscopy.
  • Fully compliant with current manual decontamination guidelines, supportive of infection control measures.
  • All our stainless items are custom manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel unless otherwise requested.
  • All stainless steel is certified and sourced in the EEC.
  • Alternative specifications can be accommodated.
  • Neocare easy care finish now applied to all stainless fabrication including sinks. Modern look, stays looking good longer and can be re finished at any time in the future. Helps prevent glare from light reducing eyestrain.


  • All relevant components are WRAS approved.
  • Compliant with HTM 04-01 The control of Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Bowl sizes are optimized to ensure all endoscopes can be correctly cleaned whilst utilizing the least amount of chemicals and water. These cost savings over the life of the MDS can cover its capital cost.
  • The MDS is fully fabricated from 2mm thick stainless steel sheet.
  • Superior Marine Grade 316 stainless steel used.
  • Fully welded stainless steel waste outlet, deters microbial colinisation, especially pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Anti microbial flexible water hose, efficacy tested to 10 years. WRAS approval number 1202505.
  • Anti microbial feet.
  • Lower shelf.
  • Easy to relocate should service needs change.
  • 2 x high capacity sealed for life actuators (On height adjustable units)
  • No service contracts required.
  • Vertical height adjustment (Travel) of 350mm. (On height adjustable units)
  • Fully integrated rear up stands to protect surrounding area from splash contamination. (up to 300 mm tall)
  • Foot actuated height adjustment.
  • Compatible with all disinfectant and cleaning chemicals.
  • Designed with advice from NHS health ergonomics experts to reduce fatigue and stress on;
  • Ergonomically placed bowl.
  • Fully sealed waste outlet.
  • Bespoke manufacture in the UK, no ‘weld in’ bowls
  • Pegler deck mount quarter turn ceramic, lever, mixer taps included.
  • Thermostatic HTM mixer taps available with sinks at trade prices.
  • Water level marking on stainless steel waste / overflow up stand.
  • Optional splash back holders for cloths, brushes and scope tech. Please specify with order.

On receipt of order drawings will be made available for inspection and sign off.

Please contact us if you require ay additional stainless steel fabrication or Storage cabinets for the correct storage of Peracetic acid.


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