Manual Decontamination Sinks for HSDU

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Manual Decontamination Sinks for HSDU

Manual Decontamination Station

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with ISO14544 part 5:2004.
  • Suitable for all applications where staff need to manually clean instruments ie Theatre, CSSD, Endoscopy.
  • 350mm vertical travel. Industry leading height adjustment to provide maximum comfort for all staff.
  • Designed with health ergonomic advice, complementing the height adjustment to reduce strain and pain to wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck and lower back.
  • Custom made in the UK to fit the space available.. You retain control of the design, size and configuration. No expensive room remodelling required.
  • Fabricated from 2mm fully welded stainless steel. Grades 304 or 316. Self supporting units that are strong enough to stand alone without direct support, facilitates easy cleaning and accommodates existing services.
  • 3 high quality lifting actuators. Providing unparalleled operational reliability.
  • Foot operated height adjustment reduces contamination possibilities.
  • Rear and side splash up stands as standard, keeps the splashes in the units and not on the surrounding walls, makes clean up easy.
  • Fully compliant with current manual decontamination guidelines, supportive of infection prevention measures.
  • Easy to relocate should service needs change.

Extract from ISO14544 part 5:2004.

E.2 Criteria for selectionE.2.1 CharacteristicsTo protect a cleanroom from contamination, materials should have the following characteristics:surfaces and moving parts that shed or generate as little contamination as possible.
unbroken, impervious and clean surfaces, although there are necessary exceptions, such as cleanroom wipers.
properties that minimize generation of contamination by shedding and cutting.
suitable cleanroom packaging.
compatibility with the cleanroom environment.


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