Compact 100 Overshoe Dispensors

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Compact 100 Overshoe Dispensor

Effortless Fitting of Protective Over Shoes

Essential for all spaces that require enhanced protection from contamination

  • No need to be a contortionist to put these on!
  • Simple and easy to use See video
  • Rapid, effortless fitting of protective over shoes to all footwear or bare feet.
  • Silent operation
  • Hygienic construction
  • Only human power required, no electricity needed here
  • No maintenance or service costs
  • Can be conveniently and unobtrusively placed where ever protection is required

Compact overshoes step by step


  • Manufactured from Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)
  • Anti slip sole
  • Durable – greater resistance to ripping and tearing
  • Resilient to failure through stretching
  • Replacement Over shoes available from Neocare UK Limited

It just works!

Light. Compact. Reliable.

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KIA Compact overshoe dispensordiagram
removing overshoes